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Weird issues

  • 20 February 2019
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So I'm having sum bizzare issues with my razer phone, I'm hoping it's jus software problems, no matter what charger I use it stops charging then starts charging again (the only charger it dosent do it for is my car charger). Also it will jus bog down completely & I have to restart it (sometimes it refuses & I have to work voodoo magic) I tell myself it's jus first gen phone problems but Idk at this point I've debated reaching out to razer but I was holding out on android p to fix my problems. Anyone else having issues similar? There might b more but I can't think now .I kno there is more! Lolz

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1 Reply

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Hi there! What specific chargers are you using? Also, have you tried doing a hard reset of your Razer Phone? If not yet, please do and let me know how it goes.