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Whenever i press p[ i get it with this [

  • 5 September 2019
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So i have a razer cynosa chroma keyboard and when i p[ress p[ this hap[p[ens i may have sp[illed something on it but when i tried using comp[ressed air it didn;'t work.help[!!

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You probably accidentally assigned a macro/key bind to it.
I suggest going to Synapse and checking under macros and seeing if you have any listed that you don't want.
Double check under the keyboard tab as well to make sure.
Tell me if this works.
i don;'t have any macros and in my keyboard tab it shows me that i have it set on default
and i have the same [prop[lem with this ;' i want to write this ' but it comes with ;
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try checking under the keycaps and make sure everything is how it is supposed to be.
If that doesn't work you may want to consider trying to return it. and buy another one.
nevermind it fixed itself magically overnight
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Hey everyone! Thanks for posting your keyboard concerns here. Feel free to send me a PM should the issue recur.