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Windows 10 reboots randomly - RzDev_023a.sys ???


I have experienced some random reboots on my Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2019).
I've tried to debug the issue a bit, going through the Event logs and finally I tried to start a verifier. I rebooted my computer and BOOM! BSOD! And according to Windows 10, it crashed on the RzDev_023a.sys driver.... I am not 100% sure what that is, but hopefully someone here can enlighten me a bit - and hopefully help me out with a solution?

My experience is that my computer reboots automatically when it is locked. That is why I have never seen any BSOD until now - simply because my laptop is locked and I am not using it.
My first thought was Windows 10 Updates - automatic reboot. But nope, according to the logfiles, the reboot was unexpected. So there has to be something else.

Can someone here help me out? What is this RzDev_023a.sys driver? And how do I fix it/update it/get rid of it, if it's not necessary?

Please help! Because one day, I might loose some important work while I go take a sh.......

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