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Windows 7 Not Regonizing Razer Spectre Mouse 4 and 5

  • 12 August 2020
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So I have a Razer Spectre that I have been happily using for years, between 3 computers, and hope to use for many more.

Today I ran into an issue that I dont know how long its been going on but now I cant figure out what happened or how to fix it.

Like I said I have a Razer Spectre and Windows 7.

I used to place Starcraft 2 alot more reguarly when it came out and dont remember having any problems then and actively using all my buttons. But as I played less and less, they just kinda became things that were there but never used.

Well I finally decided that I was going to use them in Warframe to bind my melee key to it cause my wrist was starting to hurt from placement on my keyboard. Well the ingame Control mapping doesnt regonize Mouse 4 or 5. So I think, ok fine.... I will use the Razer Software to just Bind Mouse 5 to [e] and that will work find. Well not only does Warframe not regonize it but neither does any other game or program, including Windows 7 itself.

I have the most updated driver. I have also uninstalled and fresh installed the drivers. But for the life of me can figure out why it refuses to regonize Mouse 4 or 5. for anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions for possible causes or solutions?

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