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Wrong Layout in Chroma for Huntsman V2 QWERTZ DE-Layout

I just bought the Huntsman V2 and installed Synapse and Chroma Studio, but my problem is (even after serveral restarts), that it shows me the wrong keyboard layout. And cause of this 3 key lights are off.

Where can I change it?

My keyboard vs the layout in Chroma Studio.



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Synapse Version 3.8.531.52615

I'm having The Same issue, Same Keyboard.

I have the same problem with the Huntsman V2. QWERTZ DE Layout. My Synapse Version is 3.8.531.60211

I was in contact with The Support and we tried different things. So far nothing changed… Did you find a solution or whats causing the issue?

You will never believe it: After a long conversation with the german support, the collect of files with the Synapse 3 Log Collector etc. for this purpose,  the support sent my case to the higer level support.

A man from the L2 technical support gave me this answer: “...At the moment the Chroma Studio supports the QWERTY layout only...”

This was the biggest WTF-moment for me! My decision to buy a Razer Huntsman V2 with  the german QWERTZ was a big mistake? I had a Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum before with an known double typing problem after years. The G Hub Software was not the best, but it worked!

God bless Razer in America and the QWERY!

But it used to Work! Until Mid May it Had qwertz Support and The Layout was shown correctly. All my old profiles Work. Bit Now since June I cant create new profils with Shift and enter lighting.

I’m still in contact with Dev Support and waiting… German Support said The Same thing to me.


I keep you updated!

I have exatly the same issue. Synapse version 20230608

Hello guys!

Today there was an update to Razer Synapse 3.8.630.62814. The Chroma Studio is QWERTZ now and works well!!!

Thank you Razer!!!

Gonna try it today, i Hope I have an update too

cannot update yet. it is not available for me

Thank you RAZER!!!

It’s fixed. Update 3.8.630.62814 of Synpase brings back QWERTZ support and the key symbols for Chroma.

I hope everybody will be able to update soon!