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Year 2 of THX Audio still not beeing fixed on the Razer Nari Ultimate.

  • 23 October 2021
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Firstly Hello,

I own for almost 2 Years now a Razer Nari Ultimate. Since i bought it in December 2019 i already had it shipped back via Support as it made alot of Problems. The one that came back made the same ones so it seemed as it is normal for a 200€ Headset to not work properly. With most of the stuff that Headset is doing i can live but the one that annoys me till this day is that this way too expensive paperweight is not able to use THX Spatial as the Playback device. My Hardware hasnt changed over this 2 Years except of some storage upgrades (new ssd but thats it).

After multiple restarts, updating synapse, repairing it, deleting it and reinstalling it, it still isnt working. The only playback devices that are in fact working are the normal not synapse related Chat/Game Channels.

Can we ever get a fix on this or are we just screwed for buying a razer product?

First and last razor headset for sure.

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3 Replies

Update : Updated now my Realtek Audio Driver, my Windows 10 and my Guess what, it still isnt working.
Longer -push
Just had the same issue started a few days ago. Been looking everywhere for an answer yet nobody seems to have any clue. What's weird is this malfunction came out of nowhere as in I did absolutely no change to my headset/system and any other peripherals. It just stopped working.