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Yet another Barracuda X mic thread

  • 4 October 2022
  • 2 replies

I've tried everything in the support articles about making this mic usable with no success. It's so quiet, that I can't be heard without raising my voice to the point of yelling. Even windows shows 4% on the mic's levels. There's no way to boost it at all. I'm wondering if this is just a crappy mic design/build or if there's just a swath of bad mics out there. Trying to figure out a solution to this before I reach my 30 days of ownership. If there's nothing to be done, I'm just going to return it and choose something else. The headphones are great. The mic is breaking this experience. I put in a support ticket last week and still haven't heard back.

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2 Replies

Logged into the support and I'm talking to a rep. Hopefully they'll have a solution, but I'm looking for others if anyone has experiences with this.
Well, that was refreshing. Finally just called support. They were really great and are replacing the entire headset.