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2 default Razer Synapse settings

For a long time I have 2 Default Synapse settings and I don't know hope to get rid of one. At start I only had a mouse and a keyboard. Afterwards I bought A Razer Blade. Now when I wake my laptop from sleep I have 2 different Default settings (slowly change color on a loop):

  1. All three devices are synched (if a laptop is red for example, then a keyboard and a mouse are also red (of course the red color goes through those devices in an order I have set them in Synapse));
  2. Devices are not synced (the laptop has a different color then a keyboard or a mouse).

 I know I can't change Default Synapse settings and I can only turn them off. But this is very annoying, so I want to fix this. How do I delete the second Default Synapse settings? Maybe this is an issue with the cloud? Should I reinstall Synapse?

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