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Add device profile in macro (Synapse beta -

I wanted to have my lightning depending of my devices profiles and I have multiple device (Razor Naga + Razor Tartarus)
​​​​​​But, first issues : I can’t have chroma by device, if I change one, I change the second

Ok, no problem, if I’m on one game, I need same profile for entire device, so, have the enitre color for the all devies.
Second issue : It’s impossible to have a touche who change profile for each devices

Ok, no problem, I’ll go make a macro to do it with on touch
Thrid issues : It’s impossible to edit device profile / options on macro

I don’t understand why it’s more easy to controle the profile on the software who can controle them, no ?


All to say :


“Can you add devices options on macro, please ?”

exemple : DPI / Profiles / Chroma / etc

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