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Alexa, Meet Razer

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We’re thrilled to announce the integration of Amazon Alexa with our Razer Chroma ecosystem, including over 500 Razer Chroma-compatible devices and smart-lighting (ft. @HuePhilips):

A voice command is all it takes to control lighting effects, manage settings, carry out computing tasks and more through Razer Synapse 3. So take the next step towards a smarter home and get the Chroma party started with Alexa - try it now:

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Hi. Need some help. I linked alexa with my synapse 3 but it is always shown as offline in my alexa. Tried to logout, reset, multiple times. Same error. Calling up Alexa works, but it does not respond as it is not connect.

Alexa PC app works fine. Any idea? i have remove, set-up the modules, profiles.

Appreciate any help.
I hope they also release soon for google 💞
This is cool, but what would be cooler is of Chroma could tell Alexa to set colors of Alexa controlled lights based on Ambient Awareness.
Oh! Super hyped about it :3
Any idea on when we'll get this Razer integration for Google Assistant?
Can the keyboard shortcut to activate Alexa be set to one of the Macro Keys, like M1? I've tried and it doesn't register when I press M1.
Is there an integration for google nest? ^^
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imagine saying to alexa youre sad then suddenly alexa throws an rgb party
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alexa change RGB mode

you should add some more custimizable options to saynapse.
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Really nice, but I don't have alexa (yet) 😛
Before implementing nice, but not realy needed features, the should have used the time to:


  • remove bugs and all those things not working (like reliable installation and update)
  • insert legacy devices
  • implement offline mode

all this marketing blinking sh... can wait!
Vote for Razer creating their own voice AI called "snake"!

They are called "Nanoleaf Canvas" panels. You can google that to find local availability.

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Where can you get those rgb squares on the walls?

They are called "Nanoleaf Canvas" panels. You can google that to find local availability.
Where can you get those rgb squares on the walls?
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good damn alexa

start gaming.
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Another good news for us!
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this is great
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Great to see more and more Chroma integrations. Keep it UP!
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Alexa clubbing mode on: bumtz bumtz bumtz bumtz
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sounds nice 🙂
Alexa and Razer a match made in heaven
Alexa set lighting to Audio Meter
Alexa this is so cool. Play Despacito.

I can't play from Amazon Music on that device