Aside from continuing to clean the bugs out of Synapse, could you ditch needing to log in? | Razer Insider

Aside from continuing to clean the bugs out of Synapse, could you ditch needing to log in?

  • 26 April 2023
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So I recently purchased a Blackwidow v4 to go with my Tartarus Pro and unify the lighting. While the keyboard functioned, Synapse wouldn’t recognize the device as being present. This led to using the troubleshooter software, which goes through uninstalling Synapse. So, then it’s unplug the keyboard and keypad, wait for my ability to use my Logitech mouse to resume (wasn’t keeping exact track, so say roughly a minute), plug everything back in (again wait another min to get a functioning mouse) and restart the system.

(re)Install Synapse 3, where now Win 11 finds the keyboard and throws its own prompt to restart to use the device. I wait as Synapse hasn’t finished it’s install yet and the Tartarus Pro hasn’t been detected yet. This eventually occurs and Win 11 again prompts that I need to restart in order to use the device and again I wat for Synapse to finish its install as I assume it’s going to prompt the same message about needing to restart (which it does). I click Synape’s restart button and the system then shows the Win restarting screen and it’s spinning wheel-ish indicator. The system then hangs during this for about 10 min and (clean Win 11 build less than a week old) but I’ve been also dealing with some system conflicts around lighting between Gigabyte and Corsair’s iCue, so it’s impossible to say for certain that it was synapse’s fault or just another rgb controller added to the mix created more issues.

I skip the disk check and on restart Synapse wants me to log in (its the first thing I see on the system logging in). I choose use gmail, and it logs in ok. Windows then tosses a message about wanting to repair disk damage (?!?!) and so I restart again. Windows does a pre-log in scan and repair of the c drive and then boots up without further complaint. I again get prompted to log into Synapse, and it’s a different screen without the sign in with Facebook, Google, etc. options. I of course then try every password I can remember, and then have to reset it. I reset it, and the first log in attempt it says wrong password. Re-enter the password I just created and it logs in fine…. now I can finally use the brand new keyboard I just purchased.

So aside from continuing to fix Synapse (it almost always needs to be closed and restarted at some point, just with the Tartarus Pro alone) could you bring back the option to access the devices locally without logging in? Like I’d love to be able to just use the devices I purchased without the need to be online.

Honestly, why do I need to log in to use a keyboard or keypad? Sure, if I wanted to back up or restore a profile or something, that’s useful. But other than that, which I don’t recall ever doing, I never use anything else. What if it’s a shared computer, does the other person also have to create a Razer account just to use the devices I bought? Am I supposed to write my password down or share it somehow?

Just bring back being able to use the devices by skipping logging in like with past versions of the software. The only reason I can figure is that you are trying to track and monetize everything about how I interact with products I already purchased. And it’s not like I can not install Synapse, as the only way to configure the Tartarus Pro is through your software (I’d love if it had onboard memory so it didn’t rely on Synapse functioning in order to work).

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