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best aim settings for warzone

  • 5 October 2023
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I have a razer viper ultimate mouse and I'm playing warzone 2.0 but I have problem to set a correct aim setting in synapses and inside warzone I can't track the enemy very well did anyone knows the best aim setting for warzone?

1 Reply

Do  you mean like mouse sensitivity? Thats all personal preference. Im a low sensitivity gamer so for me its getting the game to register  my mouse in its furthest left position to furthest right position as one full 360 degree rotation. My younger brother is a high sensitivity gamer so he has it set so hes doing something like 3-5 rotations in the same space, both of us have similar K/Ds in CoD.
Best way to figure out whats best for you is to play against bots or friends and see if when you need to snap to a target or are tracking youre too far ahead or behind the target. Too far ahead, lower your sensitivity, too far behind, raise it. Also make sure you have Mouse Acceleration turned off so your mouse inputs are 1:1 and not accelerated by Windows, though most games like CoD override the setting in game so its not functioning to begin with.