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Caps & NumLk toggle...

Hi, got my keyboard yesterday, installed Synapse 3 but still can't figure out this basic thing (sorry): I'd like to create a "type" profile for the keybpard into wich my Caps and NumLk keys would toggle into red when engaged then back to the original color when disengaged. I tried layers and had a hit at applying a macro but no success so far... would there be a simple way to do that by any chance ? Thanks...

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Hm, somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think is possible.
The reason why I believe it can't be done because those keys are just keys that change state in Windows (or Mac or Linux), but they don't save that state. In other words, I am not sure that Synapse provides functionality to map that state (it only provides effect on key press).

Alternatively, you can make your application, but it would be a hassle even if you've dived into the programming.

If someone else has a solution, I would be interested, too.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm asking cause I saw it in a Synapse tutorial/presentation video on YouTube, but it didn't explain how to do it. I'll try to find it back…searching through web brought me partial answers as some keyboards might have done it but not all models. One person asking how to change it from turning into white to any other color when engaged for instance but it seems it was a built-in function on the keyboard, not from the software.
Thanks again shmekermeister.
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No problem man! :smile_:

But if it was in the presentation, that it should be supported. Don't give up with your search, and plese write it here if you find the solution. I am now curious as well!