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Devices don´t show in Synapse 2.0

  • 15 November 2019
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i tried most things to fix this but nothing worked so far. So here is the problem.
Windows 10 pro 64 bit says to me synapse 2.0 detected my deathadder 2013 mouse and deathstalker keyboard but in the software itself nothing shows up. synapse aks me to connect suported devices. on win7 all worked fine, tried different versions of synapse nothing helped. any clues? sorry for my englisch ...

thx for the help

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1 Reply

I'm having a similar issue that I've been trying to work out. I have a Blackwidow Chroma and a Man'oWar currently (the ManoWar wireless dongle is connected via the USB port on the side of the keybaord).

As of about 2-3 days ago all of the back lights on my Blackwidow have stopped working and no longer picked up in Synapse 2.0, but the ManoWar headset is still picked up via the keyboard.

I'm also running Windows 10 64bit, and device manager picks up the keyboard and installs the drivers when it is plugged in. I have tried uninstalling Synapses and all the chroma applications associated with my Razer devices, and uninstalled all keyboard drivers, restarted and reinstalled the drivers and Razer applications with no luck.