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Error code 1603

  • 20 June 2023
  • 3 replies

I have a big problem. I try to download synapse but I dont and the program gives me this error code 1603. How to fix it. 

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Did you find any solution for this?

I am having the same issue and couldnt find any solution


So far, this issue is related to Blackshark v2 pro (2023) device update on Synapse. If you also have the same product and if you are okay to use synapse without your headset recognised - do these steps;

  • uninstall synapse
  • recommended - run drivercleanup for razer (there was a link around somewhere but couldnt find it right now)
  • dont connect your headset
  • install synapse again

so your computer forgets your headset and you can install synapse like you dont have it

but of course if your only razer product is this headset, then synapse will be useless

Bonjour, voici ce que j'ai fait pour résoudre le problème d'installation de la mise à jour et l'installation du programme Synapse 3. Ouvrez un dossier (n'importe lequel) afin de saisir un chemin de recherche. Allez dans c:\windows\installerSupprimez TOUS les dossiers qui concernent Razer.Redémarrez votre installation.