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Error code 2 when downloading Synapse 3

  • 4 July 2021
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i tried to delete all other drivers in the device manager and delete the razer files in program files (x86) and program data but it keeps showing "1532494580S1VvCUwRazerSynapseDependenciesSetup_v3.3.0725.072507.exe installation failed with error code: 2"
Can someone please help.

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4 Replies

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Lots of things to check and experiment as you troubleshoot

  • Update your Windows
  • Are you using Windows 10
  • Are you using an administrator account to install
  • Try install with a new administrator account
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Try @Sye_The-Vie tips.
You can also try disabling antivirus software for a moment.
Having same issue. Nothing has worked so far. I've even deleted all traces of synapse and drivers.
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Another reason for these Error codes, is due to corrupt Registry

I had a simliar incident, but after purchasing a CCleaner Windows product, the problem was resolved
Registry can go corrupted if your PC is infected with a Virus.

Best solution~~~

  • Try out the CCleaner Pro
  • Reinstall your OS and upgrade to Windows 10