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[Feature Request] Hold Right Click for Hypershift

  • 10 September 2022
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The versatility of the Hypershift feature is amazing, but for people that don't own a Synapse 3.0 compatible Keyboard or a mouse that has macro buttons on both sides, there's no comfortably positioned button you can bind the Hypershift key to. The only viable options are the scroll wheel and the DPI buttons, but it feels rather awkward to hold them.

Therefore it would be perfect if you could put both right click and Hypershift on the right mouse button as there is pretty much never the need to hold down right click anyway.

So in short it would look something like this:
RMB press -> right click
RMB hold -> Hypershift

Please add this feature, many thanks!

-An avid Hypershift user

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1 Reply

This has been suggested before, and I completely agree. But rather, Razer should just add a togglable option to each key/button containing a rebind, to retain the original/default command. So in this example, the right mouse button would perform a right-click and whatever else you tell it to do. Ofc, would be nice for further functionality like to be required to be held for some configurable amount of time before performing Hypershift or whatever else you'd want, but things can always be better or be improved over time.

Like you, I would also absolutely use my right-click for Hypershift for the exact same reason (any other button feels awkward), but then we completely lose right-click.. unless rebinding that somewhere else which ofc would still be undesirable and awkward.

There are other softwares out there that have this feature which I use when desperate for something that Synapse won't do.