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Feature Request: Keymapping Based on Typical Game Actions

  • 11 March 2021
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I'm customizing my tartarus v2; I'm always going to set left on the D pad as jump, right on the D pad as crouch, thumb button as weapon switch, etc. The following feature would make it so my typical keymapping will automatically setup in each game without additional configuration.

1. Under Keypad>Customize you have a series of available actions on the left side; "Default", "Joystick", "Keyboard Function", etc. Give me a new section called "Game Actions" or similar. Under this section you will see all of the mappable actions within the game that the profile is associated with. Instead of selecting a keystroke, you can select something like "Jump", "crouch", etc.

2. This would require a simple game profile update with a mapping of game actions to default keys for each supported game; spacebar=jump, crouch=ctrl, etc. With this mapping, you've done the work for the user so they can simply select "game actions" to associate with each key.

3. Offer a "default game action mapping" global option. For example, if you always prefer Jump to be the left D pad, you would set that in your default game action mapping. Within the game profile update, Razer would map the game-specific game actions to certain categories of default/generic game actions. There are obvious ones like Jump is Jump, but you could also do a "best guess" for each game like using my ultimate ability in apex maps to a generic game action like "Tactical Ability 1" or something similar.

The end result is that once I setup my generic game action mapping, the next new game I get will mostly have the right buttons automatically mapped to the actions within the game. Obviously the user will need to do some fine adjustments, but the broad strokes will be done for actions like:

Tactical Grenade
Toggle Weapon

This would also make it far easier to do the rest of the fine tuning because the user can consult a list of in-game actions rather than having to research what the default keyset is. Razer would have imported the default keybinds for the user and delivered a lot of value in the process.

Bonus Suggestion: Please also give us a mobile app that we can use to update our profile so we don't have to alt-tab to change settings.

Thank you

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