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FEATURE REQUEST: Support for Dual Base Stations

As a music producer/engineer, aside from using my headset for gaming, I also use a pair of studio headphones for mixing purposes. So obviously when wanting to make my setup epic, I purchased 2 Chroma Base Stations for my headset & headphones; both get used consistently enough to want/need two stands. But unfortunately there is currently no support for this. In fact, when the two are plugged in, neither one works properly. I'm sure the want for this among the community is near zero, but it would be very much appreciated amongst a small amount of customers and long time Razer supporters/fans.

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I'm hoping for 2 Firefly's to be supported also. I ended up getting a soft and hard edition and would like to use the hard as a monitor base just because it's better than sitting in the closet. It's probably low priority but maybe they can get to it someday:smile_:
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It'll be great to have 2 independent chroma base station or Firefly's (or other Chroma mousepads), but the PID/VID combination (for the same peripheral) is not unique, so probably there is a problem, that we can't see 2 independent devices of the same model in Synapse.