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Help solve the problem

Hello.If this can already be solved, then tell me how, but I've looked through everything and asked support and so far I can't fix it as these functions simply do not exist.



Problem/Suggestion #1.

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse backlight cannot be turned off or set when it's charging. It should at least turn itself off when charged, because when the PC is off it is constantly lit on the docking station and it is terribly disturbing and distracting, especially at night.

I tried to solve this problem by enabling Erp power saving in the bios. but that did not solve the problem when the PC is off and in hibernation mode, and in hyper hibernation there is no backlight, but also the mouse is not charged.
You even have it written in the manual that this can be set, but where ? there is no such function ! why cheat then.!

Fix it please.



Problem\Suggestion #2.

Why in Synapse 3 when setting up a button on a mouse with the option to change the backlight. You can't make all the backlight presets scroll with one button in a circle. Or at least two. One forward, the other backward. Because now, like, for example, I have 5 backlight presets and I need 5 buttons for each of them. what is this nonsense.

Fix it please.




This can all be fixed by updating the software without affecting the device itself.

Strange how this has not been done so far for the amount of money we pay for these devices.

If I am not in the right place with a proposal for new features, then tell me where to write it.

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