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Hyperspeed multispeed issues with my keyboard

So I daily drive my Deathadder v2 pro and I recently got the Blackwidow v3 mini as a keyboard to use while on the couch. anyways I had interference issues with using two different dongles for the mouse and the keyboard, so I decided to try out Hyperspeed MULTI-Device Pairing.

Now I don’t have any latency issues at all and my mouse functions normally, I can type on my keyboard just fine, however, the lights on my keyboard don’t light up unless I hold FN for the function keys to show. I have checked to see that the brightness is up to 100% and I have even tried doing it in studio to see if that made any difference. Like I said my mouse is all good it’s just the keyboard lighting that stopped working. 

If anyone can help me id greatly appreciate it

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