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Latest update to Synapse completely broke it

  • 18 September 2023
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The latest update 20230915 completely broke Synapse for me. I can't even see it on my taskbar or start menu. It's still running in the background under task manager. I still see the install files for it in file explorer. It just won't open at all. All my Razer devices are not in LED sync and my settings are inaccessible.

So far I have tried repairing Synapse through the installer directly and it didn't fix anything. Next step is to uninstall Synapse and do a fresh install. I've had Synapse for over 2 years on my PC and never had any problems at all. Anyone else been experiencing this issue recently?? Any help would be appreciated or just letting Razer know this issue exist would be nice.

3 Replies

Update: I just finished completely uninstalling and reinstalling Synapse. Even removing any traces of Razer under programs files and deleting any existing drivers left over. It still isn’t opening. I can’t see it under my taskbar and start menu even though it’s still running under task manager. It has to be either something wrong with the latest Synapse update or a Windows update somehow broke Synapse. I updated Windows at the same time as Synapse on Friday 9/15 when the new update released. Seriously nobody else is having this issue?? I can’t be the only one, seeing as I have spent the last 2 days troubleshooting this and removing everything Razer related on my PC.

Yap, I have the same problem and it happened in the same way.

I solved it. Use Revo Uninstaller Pro and do a forced uninstall.