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Mute Volume and Mic with the 'MUTE VOLUME' key

  • 2 April 2021
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I have a Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard. When I press the 'MUTE VOLUME' key (top right round volume key), the volume mutes, the key changes to red color, and when I press it again, it unmutes.

I'd like to know, how can I make it to also mute the Mic? So when I press it and it turns red, both my speakers' volume and mic would be muted, and when I press it a second time both would be unmuted.

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1 Reply

Found a workaround with AutoHotKey

[indent];mute sound and mic toggle


SoundGet, MuteState, Master, Mute, 1
if MuteState=On
SoundSet, 0, Master, Mute, 1
SoundSet, 0, MASTER, Mute, 9
;MsgBox, NO mute
if MuteState=Off
SoundSet, 1, Master, Mute, 1
SoundSet, 1, MASTER, Mute, 9
;MsgBox, YES mute
Check AHK's documentation, run the provided AHK file at the bottom of SoundGet documentation to find your microphone name and device number (I set my microphone volume level to 99 from Windows to find which one it was, in my case, it was MASTER 9)