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New Synapse update and the Leviathan V2

  • 19 November 2023
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Razer, I have some legitimate questions I would like to be addressed:


So after seeing all the issues with the current update of the headsets, I noticed that you are changing things from a separate driver to software APO’s for THX Spatial.  Basically, you have made it so the THX Spatial for those headsets matches your current way of setting it up like I have noticed for the Leviathan V2.  But I have some questions, that even the headset users have been wondering, and I feel that Razer needs to respond, as it will affect future purchases of Razer audio (like me for example debating on whether or not I want to spend the money on a Nommo Pro V2).


How does the THX Spatial actually work and why are features not present as advertised?  Literally, the box for the the Leviathan V2 adversities, and so does your website:


“Our advanced 7.1 surround sound delivers audio with pinpoint accuracy, allowing for a more realistic and detailed soundstage that makes your movies, games, and music truly come alive.”


How does this compute to 7.1 surround sound?  Like in the THX Spatial app (and the previous Synapse for headphones), it allows you to change the speaker configuration to 7.1 and allow you to adjust the distance of those speakers.  It should be implicit that you mean “virtual 7.1”.  Even after the latest update, there is an option of Center Focus that states “Works best with multi-channel content”.  Does this mean that if the game has an option for 7.1 that the center focus would work?  I’m confused as on a driver level, the soundbar will only allocate 2 speakers (plus, turning on that setting makes the subwoofer weak).


Finally, why, even on your youtube videos about THX Spatial, do the Levithan V2 user not have the ability to change ANY settings regarding changing the “position, distance, and volume of each individual speaker channel”.  There is no option for THX Environmental Mode or THX Competitive Mode or selecting the “custom engineered” Game mode.


So that current and future customers are more informed, please explain why these features are missing and how the 7.1 as advertised, is not working per your own advertisements.

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