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Razer Kraken TE mic stop working

  • 18 December 2023
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Used it for several years without problems. Suddenly one day, right during a conversation, the microphone stopped working.

1. On another computer with these headphones, the microphone works fine. Other microphones work fine on my computer

2. I reset the settings and did everything according to the instructions again

3. Deleted several times, reinstalled the program

4. Uninstalled the drivers several times and installed them

5. I deleted all information about connecting these headphones and their drivers from the computer in order to connect them like the first time without automatic driver installation

My mistake was not making a system restore point before installing the latest update of Synapse 3.
Now I see only the only way out - reinstalling Windows. But a lot of important programs removed due to reinstallation are not worth the Razer's functionality. I'm paying for a device that should work without problems, and not try to force me to take drastic measures.

In fact, my best option is to quickly buy new headphones from another company.
This was my second Razer device and the second time I've spent days trying to get it to work.

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