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Razer Naga Trinity - Keyspamming - Keylocking - Disconnecting - Gittering

  • 29 April 2023
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I cant work out why my mouse keeps spazing out, it will randomly disconnect. Randomly start typing "ededed" repeatedly, hold down random buttons like ctrl or shift. I've tried uninstalling the drivers, the software, reinstalled windows a few times, cleaned the sensor, but nothing works. I thought it was my keyboard for a bit there so I had it unplugged and only had my mouse plugged in, but it still happened. It's only happens when I'm fully loaded in, it does happen in bios. It will sometimes open random applications like “File Explorer” when I hit the windows key, the only semi fix I have found is to unplug my mouse and plug it in again. I deleted all my profiles and macros thinking it may have been the issue but it didn't seem to help. This all seems to have started about a week ago when Razer Synapse 3 updated my mouse, I can’t seem to find a fix any help will be much appreciated.

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