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Razer Synapse 2.0 on macOS High Sierra issue

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I had recently updated my razer synapse program for my mac, and about a day after, the application would open but it wouldn't load my configurations for my razer devices. It would only show the green buffering circle and I left like this for about a hour, and still nothing load4ed. If anyone can give me some help with this issue, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I got it working on my Mac by holding Alt+Command+R before turning on my Mac. Then I used Disk Utility to format the Mac using APFS but NOT the case-sensitive version. **WARNING** Doing so erases all data on your Mac!! I then reinstalled High Sierra. Downloaded and installed Razer Synapse 2.0 and it worked! It wasn't working at all when I was using case-sensitive APFS so I think that was the problem. Good luck guys!
"Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device"

Please help, I am on mac pro 2018 touchbar mojave
I've got my Tartarus V2 working again in High Sierra finally after days of frustration.

I uninstalled Synapse and have started using USB Overdrive instead. It's tiny and runs inside of System Preferences, very easy to configure. No LED controls though.

It's shareware so you can try it for free, or buy a license and support the developer.
He's got more time to do this stuff than the Mac team at Razer!

I'm not gaming, I use the Tartarus for video editing and motion graphics shortcuts and macros.
Just bought a new Razer Huntsman Elite just to notice that this lovely piece of tech is not getting recognized by the Synapse App on my MBP 2018 i9.

Sadly I found this thread too late - guess it's gonna be a return due to the fact that Razer obviously doesn't give a sheit about there OSX users.

Thanks for that.
Delete Synapse and reinstall. That often fixes issues for a few weeks.

Thank you.
I tried to uninstall/install many times(1.84, 1.85). Every time after MacMini is restarted, I have to reconnect the USB cable, otherwise, it says: "Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device".
Reconnecting the USB can make the Razer Synapse recognize my mouse, but I don't want to reconnect it every day.

Seems the great Razer team doesn't care these issues at all, sadly.
Hello guys,

I just bought a Razer Huntsman keyboard from my friends and also downloaded Synapse 2.0. However after logging in the screen just says "Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device". I have tried uninstalling Synapse however I have come to the same result. I have registered my keyboard in my razer ID and I have tried everything but it just doesn't work. My friends said that it worked for them but not me.

I am operating on macOS High Sierra Version 10.14

Please help!
Wish I would have seen this thread before buying the Ornata.

The "Razor USA Ltd." doesn't show in System Preferences->Privacy. The "Allow" button is there but no software to allow. I've added "Razer Synaps" to the app list of software that's allowed to control my computer.

What do I do now? More restarts than I can count at this point but the dang "Razor USA" won't show.
so my synapse software loads up and lets me login in, im using the keyboard rn. but synapse doesn't say its connected. ive tried everything in this tread, thinking about taking it back and getting the new alienware keyboard.
Thank you.
I tried to uninstall/install many times(1.84, 1.85). Every time after MacMini is restarted, I have to reconnect the USB cable, otherwise, it says: "Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device".
Reconnecting the USB can make the Razer Synapse recognize my mouse, but I don't want to reconnect it every day.

Seems the great Razer team doesn't care these issues at all, sadly.

I have another the DeathAdder + MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports). The Synapse doesn't work in another way. Uninstall/reinstall doesn't help

I have a Deathadder Elite and when I try and play League of Legends using the mouse software my mouse constantly spazzes out. The only thing that somewhat helped was turning the Polling Rate from 500 to 125, but still has not 100% fixed the issue. This issue only happens in game and not anywhere else on the computer. I am running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and Synapse says there are no updates and is on Version 1.85.
2019 turning to 2020 - and still its shit for mac-users. I remember in the 1990-s "mac-user" was a rare fenomena, but today?
I really wonder how product development at Razer thought this out..

Step 1: We make business focused keyboard (Blackwidow Lite).
Step 2: We're looking at the future, we don't make it compatible with 'the old' Synapse 2.
Step 3: .. oh wait Synapse 3 is still is beta.. a whatever.. it'll be fine.
Step 4: .. oh wait this keyboard will probably be bought by a lot of mac users as well.. but the Synapse 3 beta isn't available on mac os.. a whatever.. it'll be fine.


It's a nice keyboard Razer, but your software support, especially for mac, is a joke!
Anyone found a solution yet?
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change the Engineering Team


Change the engineering team because Synapse doesn't crash on their test machines? That would be quite rude.

Please understand that not ever single machine will see every single issue experienced across millions of users worldwide. Some issues can only be reproduced in specific environments and we can't fix something unless we know what's causing the issue.
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if you tell me your email, I forward ALL the emails I have with support from Razer
30 mails

That would not be necessary. The primary thing engineering team requires are the logs. They can search previously submitted logs by your RazerID (which I have shared with them).

You might want to calm down before @RazerThe_Fiend gets annoyed with you and just ignores you. Patience is key man. (Although mine is admittedly wearing thin)

Nah, that's fine, I understand how it would be frustrating, and I'm not ignoring anyone. Just that I check Insider only about once a day. I can't always read and reply every message instantly.
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The last update of Synapse v.1.82 was over 1 month ago, 31 Jan 2018
2 months and 10 days...

Razer must have fired all Mac developers...


I can confirm that the developers for Synapse 2 on Mac are still here and well. Now that 10.13.4 release is official/final, it is a part of our full test suite. We are also testing on APFS as suggested by @BaccaBoss2 . The patch with all the latest updates and fixes is tentatively scheduled to be rolled out around end of April.
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Hello!! I've just bought a Mamba Firefly Hyperflux (for my MacBook Pro, OS 10.13), but Synapse doesn't recognise no devices!!
Some updates?! Thank you so much!

The Mamba Hyperflux is exclusively supported on Synapse 3, which is only available on Windows.
continuous crashes in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 beta (17G39b)

Synapse is a disaster!


Razer synapse is broken in mojave. Work on it now. Thx.

at Mojave and macOS High Sierra


developers have abandoned the SYNAPSE project for Mac?

I'm wondering if Synapse for Mac will be fixed at all, we should get an answer so that we can go to a different brand, I have used Razer devices for many years, but this issue has become ridiculous... We own several mice and three pads, two orbweavers and a tartarus. The mice have some issues and the keypads are completely useless... Come on Razer, fix you software, you wont want your unhappy Mac users to start flooding amazon with bad reviews on the Razer items we have bought there
Amazon and reddit!

constant crashes...

constant crashes...
Still not working...
I have an issue with High Sierra and Synapse where I can't remap the mouse sensitivity keys to mouse button 4 and 5. In Synapse, it looks like the change is made, but those top buttons still perform mouse sensitivity changes. I also can't remap the repeat zoom buttons (scroll wheel left & right).
Terminal -> sudo spctl --master-disable

With that you will get Apps from Anywhere on that screen, unlock and set. That's Apple protocol since.. Sierra i believe, by default all apps not from the appstore are blocked. Can't believe you just realized that xD

I think what he was trying to say, or at least what has happened to me a few times, is that Synapse 2.0 was already "approved" to be used via system preferences > Security & Privacy.. Then randomly, days later, it keeps asking for approval again, but when it does, the "allow" this app to run button, on the "Security & Privacy" screen, doesn't pop up to approve Synapse 2.0. You shouldn't need to use a thermal command to force it to work, and if you have already approved it, why does it need approval again, and again....
Not sure if anyone in this thread has a new 2018 MacBook Pro, if so have you been having crazy issues with Synapse 2...??? Most of the time, my devices (listed below) do show in the Synapse 2 menu bar, but when I actually open Synapse 2, it doesn't show the little icons to customize the settings of each device. I have to physically unplug, and replug in each device to make them show up. Also when this does happen, they do show up within "About this mac" > System Report > USB, so the mac clearly seems them, and they also work like a basic peripherals, but none of the extra mouse buttons work, or the macro buttons on the keyboard, etc. Sometimes I have to unplug, reboot, and plug back in again and hope they show up within Synapse 2.

I do have all my Razer devices plugged into the new BlackMagic eGPU, instead of using USB-C to USB-A dongles, but even plugging them all in directly into the MBP, doesn't seem to make any difference at all.

Also I have had the "Approval Required" screen within Synapse 2, posted above, even after it has been approved within Security & Privacy...

Lastly, lots of RzDeviceEngine, RzUpdater, and Razer Synapse crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports even from the last few days, and it is growing.

Sometimes no matter what I do, Synapse won't show the devices within the app, or the app completely freezes, and won't even open after a reboot, and the only thing I can do is uninstall Synapse 2 and then reinstall it.

  • 15" 2018 MacBook Pro, 2.9 i9, 32GB, R560X, 2TB SSD
  • macOS 10.13.6 w/ 2018 MBP Supplemental Update - Installed
  • Synapse 2 - 1.83.10
  • Razer Naga Epic Chroma
  • BlackWidow Chroma V2
  • Man O'War (Wireless)
  • BlackMagic eGPU + LG UltraFine 5K 27"

my Razer Naga Epic Chroma disconnects, stops working and the LEDs go off.
I have to charge it for a few seconds and it works again, for a while, because it disconnects again.
The Razer Naga Epic Chroma is fully loaded.

Sometimes, it also stands still for half a second and appears at another point on the screen....

I uninstalled Synapse.
I have installed the latest Version 1.83 (1.83.10)