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Razer Synapse 3 THX Spatial Sound Mixer/EQ Problem

  • 27 December 2020
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Hi there, guys!
Lately I've been struggling with a problem that pissed me so much that I was closely going to get crazy.
As some of you started threads about this problem, the fact that sometimes apps don't show in the THX Spatial Sound Mixer and don't let you modify the output to "surround" or something else is very anoying.
Folks here replied that a system restore solved their problems, but that's a painful method for some users because they don't want to do any changes to the OS. That was my intention, too.
So, not making it any longer, with the headphones connected to the PC, I opened device manager, I went to "Audio inputs and outputs" and I uninstalled every output device from Razer (I own a pair of Razer Nari Essential, so I uninstalled all "Razer Nari Essential" and all "THX Spatial - Synapse", as shown in the photo), I unplugged the USB Adapter (if you have wired headphones, I think you should just unplug the headphones) and I connected it again to the computer. After that, when I opened Synapse I was glad to see all my running apps listed here and to be able to set up the output type.
Hope I was not unclear and if so, just ask me anything.
Game on!

P.S. 1 : In device manager, uninstall just the speakers, not the microphone as it is not necessary at all.
P.S. 2 : I really hope this works with the non-functioning EQ. If it does, just leave a comment, let other users know. I didn't encounter such problem 'til now.

Did this method solve your issue?

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26 Replies

Mechanical button not working if conect headphones to Razer Laptop, working only software switcher from Synapse. As I see it is a mass problem. Many, many install and reinstall Synapse 3 =\\

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If plug on another laptop all work normal.

Has anyone solved it?