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Razer Synapse Macro won't stop making inputs

  • 19 April 2024
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Earlier today I was trying to figure out why the macro I had assigned to my C key on my keyboard wasn’t working. I would click on the key, go to Macro on the sidebar, and select my macro, and hit save. The name and function of the key never changed.

I was puzzled, so I tried putting the macro on a different key of the keyboard, but that didn’t work either. I tried putting the macro on my Mouse 4 button, and then the problems started. Whenever I press mouse 4, the macro now starts and never stops. I can’t use the button anymore because if I do it spams keystroke inputs of “C” indefinitely and only stops briefly if I press the button again. Unplugging and replugging the mouse will stop this, but if I ever press mouse 4 again (which I need to for other games I play) then the glitch starts again.

My macro was a function I made to “Superglide” in Apex Legends more consistently.

It was around 6 months I haven’t played Apex and hadn’t used the macro, so I didn’t know if any new updates to Razer Synapse affected it.

Razer Support gave me a list of things to troubleshoot, so I’m going to give those a try and update the post if I find anything that works.
Edit: Uninstalling the Razer Synapse 3 Program seemed to deactivate the macro. I decided to install The New Razer Synapse and I will be recreating the macro shortly to see how my keyboard and mouse handle it.
Edit again: My keyboard and mouse are working fine now and the macros are deactivating when they should. Shout out to Gio for being a chill support person. Ill put all the suggested actions they sent in a reply to this so other people can try them.

2 Replies

Methods to try:
1. Uninstall and Reinstall Razer Synapse 3: Start by uninstalling Razer Synapse 3 from your computer and then reinstalling it.
This can sometimes resolve software glitches or conflicts that may be causing the issue.

2. Reset Mouse to Default Settings: In Razer Synapse 3, locate the option to reset your mouse to its default settings.
This should clear any custom configurations, including macros, and restore the default functions.

3. Check for Firmware Updates:

4. Razer Driver Cleanup Tool:

a. Uninstall Razer Synapse.
If possible, unplug all Razer devices.
b. Reboot the system
c. Download the Razer Driver Cleanup Tool: https://rzr.to/Tf53xj
d. Unzip and run the CleanupRazerDrivers.exe as Administrator
The window will close on its own. When it does, reboot the system again
e. Install Razer Synapse
f. Plug in Razer devices
g. Update Razer Synapse as needed and reboot system as update requirement.

5. Manually Delete the Problematic Macro: If you're unable to remove the macro through the software interface, try manually deleting it from the macro folder on your computer.
Navigate to the directory where Razer Synapse saves macros and delete the problematic one.


Also, I noticed that Razer Synapse Beta has a different latency on it’s macros and so the delays between keystrokes are different from Razer Synapse 3.0
My new macro setup that does almost the same thing as the previous one looks like this:

if your macros are working but not quite working the right way, its probably because the timing has been changed and you need to go back and trouble shoot. I used this website to get an idea for how distanced the input times were:

The explaination is I had to rearrange when the input for “C” happens because it seems like each input is counted one frame after the next with a little buffer time that varies randomly within a range of 0.1 (0.69ms) to 1(6.9ms) frames. The action that I was automating was very frame specific and needed the “C” input exactly 1 frame after the spacebar down input to work. I have a 144hz display and i believe that makes the time for each frame 6.9ms. In the old razer this could be achieved by adding multiple of the same input to increase the delay on a scale smaller than what the macro menu actually allows for. In the new razer synapse I found that additional indentical inputs added smaller more inconsistent amounts than the old version and were less effective in creating the right delay. If it was the change from one type of input to a different type, the delay size would be the same as the old version. Tricky stuff. I bet even just deactivating a few background processes could change the accuracy of the input timings. It’s not a big deal, I still got my macro to work.