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razer synapse on OSX Mojave

  • 7 September 2019
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My new mamba wireless is not recognized by synapse on osx mojave.
The software synapse shows the following text:
Please connect a razer synapse enabled device

I need your help to resolve this problem.
Many thanks
Dr. Francesco Paduano

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2 Replies

Razer likes to ignore mac users. Synapse is crap (eats up CPU and glitches input) and neither of my wired accessories (Naga mouse and Black Widow keyboard) work on Mac since Mojave. I've stopped buying their products, and if you purchased yours recently, you should send it back and get a refund.
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Razer likes to ignore mac users

Insiders should not discourage other insiders for having a MAC. Personally I do not like Apple Mac devices as well, synapse maybe require a new patch from minor to major programming adjustments. This is something RAZER and Apple development needs to sort out.