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Razer why ?

  • 6 April 2019
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Always being a fan of Razer, 4th mouse ( y they don't last long due to some technical issues which are most of the time easy to overcome, but i like the response and ease to use when they working correctly) and thought this time i buy an extra Razer mat for nice pairing the visual effect's Oh yeah i bought also 3 kraken 7.1 headphones before (2 for the kids). But what the hell are you doing with your drivers? I can follow that you want a new interface and change the underlying drivers to explore new features. What i can't follow is the crap solution and stupid excuses you are providing for pushing the 3.0 beta not integrating your old 2.0 drivers.
Sry this was the last time i buy from you and this with pain in my hart.

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