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Synapse 2.0 causes CS:GO frametime spikes?..

  • 17 July 2020
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Hello. So, I had a laptop with and i7 CPU and a Radeon 6770, and unfortunately I had those annoying frametime spikes when your frametime graph is more or less even but then suddenly it increases dramatically for just a moment, in the game it looks like you're running, running, then suddenly your screen freezes for a moment, then unfreezes 1/2 or one step later, well you all know what it is.

1 year ago I bought a completely new PC (Ryzen 3600, 16 GB 3200 MHz CL14, GeForce 1660ti), the only thing left from the laptop was my Razer Taipan with its Synapse 2.0 software, and guess what? For that year I've been having the exact same freezes!!! I though of buying an SSD but wondered really much how such an old game (DirectX 9.0c was released in 2004 and updated last time in 2008 COME ON!!!) may even try to be too much for this PC. I did every tweak I found on youtube, but it never eliminated the freezes completely.

After tens of Windows (by the way it freezes on both Win7 and Win10, including Win10 v1809, v1903, v1909, v2004) reinstalls, I accidentally forgot to install Razer Synapse, and suddenly there were almost no freezes, usually I get like 10 of them in 90 minutes, but without Synapse I may get like 2 of them and they're never as heavy as they may be with Synapse installed. No, it doesn't really matter if I set it to 1000 Hz or 500 Hz or 125 Hz, still freezes more or less the same.

By the look of things the drivers for my Taipan was last released in 2015, may be they contain some error or something, and I know Taipan now is regarded an old mouse that no one cares of, but is there any chance Razer will fix this annoying issue?

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