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Synapse 3 crashing when moving to second monitor

  • 19 August 2023
  • 2 replies

It’s weird because it doesn’t happen everytime but 9 of 10 sessions it does. I try to move synapse 3 window to my second monitor and it randomly crash. The windows event viewer says something with nvlddmkm, which means nvidia drivers but I already clean reinstalled nvidia drivers and the problems still happens.

2 Replies

I’ve had this issue ever since I upgraded by GFX to 4090 and had to update the drivers to the latest ones, so it’s safe to say that Razer as usual haven’t kept up with the latest combability requirements and if you’re not like me then roll back your driver to one from a year or so back and the issue will no doubt disappear 🙄

Well, I’m now convinced it’s incompatibility with the latest GFX drivers (although have tried it with an older driver 536.40 from June 2023, shame NVIDIA now restrict these to only a few months unlike years ago you could get all legacy drivers). As to my shock (but less so really) this same issue extends to the Razer installation.  So, I’m guessing they are using a custom** installer that is also using outdated SDK(s). 

I tried another 10+ programs to see if I can force any other programs/installers to do this and I failed.. Until I tried an old (2008) ASUS custom** installer and hey presto, replicated.

So, my options are now use old hardware and a GFX driver from 2020 that I can confirms works when all reinstalled, or simply stop using their software until Razer finally catch up in a year or so. Sadly, I regretted moving from a competitor for my keyboard and keypad a couple of years back, and have run into one issue after another caused by poorly maintained/incompatible drivers, that have led me to disabling elements of some drivers within ‘Windows’s drivers > users interface’, just prevent hanging cause by Razer’s hardware drivers.

** Non-native installers - Why use them? Because they want to use their own UI to make them look pretty (polished, as the industry like to call it these days) with all their branding.. Down side is, it also requires constant maintaining by whomever maintains it unlike the standard installers..