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Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

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I’m a software engineer switching to the ridiculously superior macbook pro. It’s a shame you have to choose between a good laptop - windows ones are useless without a power source - or good peripherals

The macOS Sonoma focusing for gaming


Hope Razer can develop new Synapse for mac

In the meantime folks, until Razer exec’s realise that Mac owners actually have money to spend you can use this for device support on a Mac. This was linked earlier in this thread, this the download.

Sorry about the camera’s folks, the closest thing I can find is Xsplit vCam for Mac which appears to support it but not sure if that is device specific support.

I’m a software engineer switching to the ridiculously superior macbook pro. It’s a shame you have to choose between a good laptop - windows ones are useless without a power source - or good peripherals

SteerMouse fixes the button issue quite well on osx (read the faq if something is not detected). After installation it sits on the bottom of System Settings.  it took me a long time to find this software, too long to be deprived on a mac of a power tool I had used daily on PC. and I’m not even a gamer, I feel crippled without many keyboard shortcuts and macros.I cannot even use any other mouse than a Razer Naga anymore, on mac I switched to the touchpad and ended up with a nerve pain in my forearm ;P If a likely single one programmer can make a software that lets us program the buttons, why would it be not possible for Razer? At least release a tool, separate from Synapse, that would let osx users configure the buttons. Who cares about RGB anyway? it’s the buttons that make this mouse powerful.

So long story short; if you have a lower version of Mac OS Sonoma It will work as long as is not m1 or higher; just change the date settings before 2019; and install Synapse 2.; on the other hand if my computer with Sonoma I couldn't find a way to make the device visible. Tartarus V2

Disclaimer: Im swedish which will mean my language might convey possibly words that might sound abit wonky.

So some time ago, about hmm 3months + i bought i razer basilisk v3 pro for my mac. I play via geforce now on my mac so figured ill get myself a sick setup. The mouse cost 3000sek+ at the time (300+ dollars). At them moment i use my logitech pro from about 10 years ago instead which works just perfectly. And my razer if ever used works more in line with at 20 dollar mouse… or less.  All becasue of synapse v3.. WHICH BTW was not, NOT imparted to me at time of purchase that it was mandatory to be able to use the mouse. 


I seldom have the energy to even complain about these things but saw more ppl had problems with this and wanted to share my experience. 


This is for me bordering in fraud/extreme greed/ or some term i cant express in english (therefore might come across too harsh of wording)

300 bucks is alot of money for a mouseshaped decoration with some lit razerlogo. 


Anyway, just my few cents.  Cheers from sweden. 

Please bring Synapse 3 to the Mac and be sure to support BOTH  Apple Silicone (arm64)  and Intel (x86_64) CPU architectures.

I’m able to use Parallels with Windows 11 to install and configure my peripherals, but as soon as the VM is shutdown, the peripherals lose their configuration and revert to the standard configuration / effects.

Thank you for the phenomenal ecosystem of products!  Keep it up and keep parity with Mac!

I  also just bought a Razer Basilisk V3 Pro on a Macbook Pro M1. Unfortunately, even the razermacos from Github is not compatible with this mouse, so it just cycles through all colors all day draining the battery in one day. Super disappointing I can’t do anything with this expensive mouse. 

Please bring Synapse 3 on Mac!!!!!

Up To Date, current RAZER peripheral primary focus is towards "gaming".

Apple needs to level up the playing field.

No further explanation required

Concur, Apple needs to level up the gaming capabilities. Regardless, I guess my M2 Pro Mini, which can play any games I want on max graphics and maintain over 100fps, doesn’t qualify me as a “gamer.” Too bad for me that I want to be able to do my work on my Mac, which is more user friendly and runs more smoothly than any PCs I’ve used, and then use Razer’s awesome peripherals to play some games when all the work is finished. I guess just because I’m not a PC loyalist and don’t care to play YOUR preferred AAA games I shouldn’t be allowed to access all of the features built into my Basilisk V3 Pro, eh?

I agree that Apple needs to make a bigger effort to participate in the gaming community, but what’s more relevant to this thread is that RAZER needs to understand that their primary focus should not be towards “gaming,” it should be toward CUSTOMERS who like to game. Period. “No further explanation required.”

It’s unbelievable that such powerful machine as a MacBook Pro doesn’t being considered as gaming hardware. I just bought a Basilisk v3 pro mouse and I can’t explain how infuriating is to not be able to fully use it. Not even the workaround apps are able to manage light settings. Thank God there’s a way to bind actions for the keys but man this sucks 

A Github User made it work, it helped me with the Basilisk Pro V3!

DMG here from his Dropbox:


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A Github User made it work, it helped me with the Basilisk Pro V3!

DMG here from his Dropbox:


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Thank you soooooo muchfor this! I can finally see the battery level and change the light pattern. This + Mac mouse fix app make the mouse useful 

Having upgraded to Sonoma and messed with the M1 chip. It’s kinda silly that Razer isn’t making a Synapse 3 for Mac. It’s actually a very powerful machine. And Mac hasn’t done this in nearly 20 years so, Razer’s missing out.

Throwing my hat in the ring. Please support the Mac moving forward. Many of us have a Mac in addition to a gaming PC that we would love to use the same mouse for. 

I just got the black widow v4 pro and unfortunately there’s no mac support for synapse 3, how is this possible? 

I am thinking of buying a Pro Type Ultra keyboard but as I use both macbook and a windows laptop am wondering will I be able to use it with both without issues? My other option is Logitec MX Keys S which I already now is compatible just not as beautiful.