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Synapse and Hue

  • 4 December 2019
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So... I looked around the forum for be sure i was not double posting... I'm Pretty sure i don't!
Now, here is the question:
I have some hues from philips, a bridge well connected and form the philips app it all works smoothly.
Zone made, philips' app can take control of my razer devices smoothly but i can't find the philips hub in synapse! App installed, (aboth win app and synapse module) but when i go into the connect tab, Synapse can't finde the bridge!
So, reccaping:
Hue app can control my razers' rgbs
Synapse can't control my hues and so no chroma studio! any suggestion? is this how it is supposed ato work now?

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2 Replies

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Dashboard -> Modules -> install the "Hue" module.

Dashboard -> Modules -> install the "Hue" module.

Well, what to say if not a good old "Thank you!"