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Synapse update

With the lastest update of Synapse 3.0......I see in the dashboard that this software now see's my SSD. Why? For what purpose is it in there?

It's cool looking showing up in there....but Hmm.

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What SSD do you have?
Post a screenshot of Synapse 🙂
It's supposed to be a WD Blue 1Tb SATA III but it's picked up in device manager as SanDisk model. Then I found out that WD bought out Sandisk.....who knows. As for a you go.

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Yup, crazy :)

Razer made partnership with WD some time ago - at least for the WD_Black series, so you can control disk RGB through Synapse.
Maybe it's a Synapse bug, or your disk has the same PID_VID combination as some WD_Black RGB disk (but it shouldn't happen).
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Only these products for their RGBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!


I have none of those.