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Synapse won't open

Hi everyone, I recently got a new computer and a Blackwidow Chroma v2, but whenever I want to open synapse to configure lighting, I click the application and nothing happens. The only thing that seems to fix it is an uninstall and reinstall, and the problem returns every time i turn my PC on. The Razer Central application is running, mind you, but when I try to open Synapse therefrom, it doesn't work either. Any experience shared would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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yo whenever i even just press the application it doesnt do anything. no error screen or anything. it was working the first day i got it but now its just given up and its only the second day lmao
I have the same problem and when it does load takes forver to do any thing. try a macro and takes 20 min to enter 3 key strokes.
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it could be OS source file damage

For Windows pc
* remove synapse
* Run Windows OS diagnostics,
* update windows with windows updates
* restart pc
* reinstall synapse

There is no guarantee this will work, when there is an OS source file damage, it is best to reinstall the OS
This problem has been happening for me since around 2017. Still get the problem although now it's on Synapse 3 as opposed to the original. On the original, it actually worked to just end all the tasks in task manager but that doesn't work anymore.
hey, after many unsuccessful attempts, for me the solution turned out to be from the video below

I hope it will help you too.
Hi! Synapse doesn't work for me. Nothing happens when the program starts. I have 3 Razer products and I can't use Chroma. I can't configure Naga keys. Reinstalling doesn't help.
lol bro i got the same problem wht are razer elpoyees doin i swear
Just bought the Razor Viper Ultimate and can't open the Synapse. It installs fine, but after I click the Get Started button on the installer, nothing happens. It runs in the background, but doesn't open. Can't change any settings on the mouse.

Logitech software was crap, but at least it worked. Guess I'll return the mouse on Monday unless I can get the software working over the weekend.

Three years with the same problem and still no fix. Nice going guys. First and last Razer product I'll ever touch. Left a 1 star review on Amazon.
I just got my Cynosa V2 yesterday. I was really happy with my purchase, had a good gaming session and shut my PC down. This morning, I start it up and see synapse hasn't automatically started, so I try to do it manually and, lo and behold, it doesn't work. This thread is more than 2 years old and it seems Razer employees still haven't found a fix for this problem. Incredible.
when I run razer software (razer central or synapse [launching synapse will launch central]) it opens happily however when I try to use macro features I'm given a message "razer synapse must be running to use this function. This feature is not stored as a part of any on-board memory profiles" and no matter what I do I cant seem to get synapse to "be running" this is really frustrating me and it appears to be frustrating many people for many months now. WTH razer? I mean come on.
Hello everyone. In my case I think the normal automatic update was interrupted accidentally, either I closed the window or restarted my computer, in any case the old version was uninstalled partially, and did not complete the reinstall. I just downloaded the install file and it worked right away.