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Tartarus V2 and Synapse 3 - temporary profile switching

  • 12 August 2021
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So Synapse 3 has the ability to temporarily switch to a different keymap when a button is pressed and to switch back to the previous keymap when released. Is it possible to have the same functionality when you manually switch to a different PROFILE instead? Currently, you can only switch to a profile and it remains there, unless you program a different keystroke to return to this specific original profile. I'd love it if there was a workaround to this.
I use my Tartarus for productivity and this would be a HUGE boon. I could map all numeric keys to one profile, for instance, and just keep switching to it from different apps.

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würde mich dieser anwort anschließen,
zwischen 2 layouts per tastendruck zu wechseln ....
früher ging das mit diesen 3 led's habe aber imo noch keinen weg gefunden das zu handeln !
thx for any idee or help