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THX Spatial Audio STILL not working (No Audio Settings Are)

  • 4 December 2023
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Even after the recent update, even after reinstalling everything, countless PC restarts, my THX Spatial Audio STILL isn’t working, neither are any of the Audio Settings, EQ doesn’t change the sound, changing between Stereo and THX does nothing, Enhancements do nothing, even the demo does nothing, it’s just all there for show as i suffer from this terrible sound quality. 

I got the THX Spatial Audio APO/Device after the update, that’s all there, but is clearly useless as Synapse is still fk’d, furthermore I have to wait like 5 minutes just for my Mouse and Headset to show up from their greyed state in Synapse everytime i restart Synapse/my pc to try and fix this bs

I was planning to upgrade my mouse to the Razer Viper V2 Pro but now? Probably gonna head elsewhere lmao

BlackShark V2

1 Reply

Mine works now.  DELETE / UNINSTALL from your apps …. this

ALSO…. as Razer instructs you to do …. in your “ windows sound properties “ set Razer USB sound card as default !!  and in your “ windows settings “  set your sound to Razer USB sound card ….. 

restart your machine, check theses settings again ….    BE HAPPY

for my Blackshark V2 +