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Vote for Synapse 3 for Mac!

  • 1 September 2020
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Hey Razer, I edit feature films 8 hours a day and game on the weekends with razer hardware. I do all this on a mac and would LOVE to recommend it to my colleagues in film, TV and the pro photo world. I got the Razer NAGA Trinity per Eddie Hamilton's recommendation (MI, X-Men, etc) and the hardware, imo, is the best out there. I was so convinced that I got the BlackWidow Keyboard as well.

But we need synapse 3 for Mac! It would help me so much to have a hypershift key and it would allow me to start looking into upgrading to your newer tech if it was only supported on Mac. Please get this fixed so I can stop sending my fellow editors to Logitech! I'm increasingly tempted to switch myself but am still holding out hope that you will listen to your customer base. However, from our perspective, synapse 3 is never coming out of beta which is insanely frustrating to thousands of your paying customers (based on the number of mac threads in the forum).

I'd like to reach out to my fellow mac users to see how many are in the same boat as I am. Please vote below and make some noise!

How many mac users do we have here?

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Corsair now has Icue for Mac. Probably going to jump ship. Synapse 3 has been out for months and months and no care or update for Mac users. On top of WoW I also used Synapse to map keybinds for photoshop and lightroom. Razer just abandoned Mac users...guess it's time to go
I just bought a Corsair Scimitar Elite and Icue for Mac works perfect on Catalina and Big Sur. I still use the Tartarus Pro without any keybindings. The Scimitar fits pretty nice in my hand - I would have loved to use the Naga Pro, since it's also wireless, but at least I have a working solution.
Still pretty disappointed how Razer could drop the support of an already sold product. It's like you can not put normal fuel in your car anymore. I hope someone of the Razer team reads this someday and they follow their promises they made with this product.
I'd love to see continued support on Mac but I have a bad feeling I made another bad purchase...
Que decepción de empresa, muy vrgas con sus precios elevados y no hacen actualizaciones para Mac!!! Estoy tan furioso de haber comprado un teclado blacwidow, un ratón Mamba y naga pro. Espero hagan sus respectivas actualizaciones, ya sea que hagan una versión de synapse3 para mac o actualicen synapse 2.
I do find it odd that Razer find it difficult to make Synapse 3 for Mac, when Synapse 2 was available. It seems like they simply cannot be bothered despite Mac users spending hundreds of dollars on Razer's hardware and then suddenly realising without notice beforehand that Synapse has effectively been dumped for Mac. Obviously in Razer's eyes Mac users are not their target audience, and actions speak louder than words.

I had a Logitech MX Master 3 but Logitech's quality has gone down the shitter over the years (plus their warranty dropped from two years to one year) and their products are all plastic and light and flimsy, so I returned it and purchased a Razer Mamba Wireless instead and then discovered Synapse 3 is not available for Mac. Here in Australia this is a breach of Australian Consumer Law which attracts severe financial penalties as this breaches Commonwealth Law.

It just so happens I recently built my own gaming pc - around AU$8,000 all up and naturally Synapse 3 works on Windows but I had to effectively jump from Mac to Windows to use the Synapse software, no matter the cost of the PC system, which is simply unacceptable.
I hope this gets enough attention that it'll be considered by the Razer team..
Razer's obviously sleeping in class on this one. All these threads are not gonna change dime, they've had time. End of day they will be pushing away and alienating their Mac segment. Look back 20 years and ask yourself, are more people using Macs and have gaming become better on Macs? It's a yes to both.

Obviously it's not gonna break their business if the only value you care about is $$ at the bottom line, but giving crap about their macOS users will hurt them and their image going forward. They've been stalling for ages on what would happen instead of just being clear from the beginning, keeping us all in the dark and hoping. It's not like they are building rockets or a new OS. Let's be honest, they are building a driver (and some management software). They easily have the means to get a driver working on macOS. You even see opensource projects coming to the rescue though for Mac they are still far.

So all in all the decision is *very* questionable, but there's nothing we can do about it except look for a good alternative mouse and try and get a descent price for the old one and then let people know what kind of company Razer is, one that places the user last.
Razer doesn't care about its Mac customer base. I have a pc lying around that lets me make the necessary DPI changes when I need to when I use my viper mini to game, but Razer has made it clear they do not want me to integrate their products into my daily workflow.

Between Logitech, HyperX, and a few others there are PLENTY of quality products out there.
A software update would be great. Or at least release the software so we can take it over!
I have been using Razer mice for over 15 years now and at least 12 of those I've been using them on a Mac. I've gamed on just about every Mac I've owned using either a Razer Naga or Deathadder. I also have a Blackwidow Tournament keyboard that I no longer use due to lack of well supported drivers.

I'm now using a 16" MacBook Pro on macOS Big Sur as both my work and gaming machine with a Deathadder Elite mouse. I no longer have any working drivers to support my mouse since Razer Synapse 2.0 does not work with the Big Sur release of macOS and this is quite frustrating.

I've started playing World of Warcraft again due to the release of the Shadowlands expansion and now strongly considering either a Logitech or some other brand of gaming mouse.

Please, please, please develop and release a macOS version of Razer Synapse 3!

Or at least open source some of the code that would be necessary for the community to take over development of Synapse 2.0 so that at the very least it can be made compatible with Big Sur.
This is insane! Macs finally have good GPUs and blow the doors off a lot of windows computers on benchmarks now. Added all of iOS market to new M1 Macs and now Razer ditches Mac....... I have spent a lot of money with Razer, I have like 2 naga mouses, 2 trinity, 4 orb weaver/tartarus, I had the nostrum before that, have a Razer Core eGPU. Now I can't use any of it! The problem with Razer is they are always trying to make their software with new features all the time. I could care less, just make key binds and macros work and leave it the hell alone. That would not be hard for them to do to make Mac users happy and still get our money.
I'm testing this app out for functionality and programming of my Tartarus and Hex, but I'm also looking into Logitech and other devices. I use my Razer stuff for video editing and it's been a game changer. But losing the software to make it work sucks!
Razer should give an oficial communicatte about if they are working on a new update for Synapse 3.0 for mac or if they want us out of Razer
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