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What Is this?? Help??

  • 5 August 2019
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Ok so this thing called Windows audio device graph keeps taking up major amounts of my cpu and I don't know what it is or why its doing this.
Any suggestions?

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Reply back if a reinstall works if you would. I'm starting to wonder if the newest update screwed a lot of stuff up
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This is very helpful... thanks, I will try this.
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I have analysed that process. So it suddenly eats up high CPU when I run the THX sound system on my Kraken. When it eats up too much CPU process, it is fine to kill it, but eventually it will automatically run again with less CPU process.

Poor executable file that needs re-programming
Just as an FYI, I spent hours trying to fix this. What fixed it for me is doing a repair (reinstall) on Razer synapse. Not sure what the app was doing but I was losing about 20% of my CPU.
I have not.
My suggestion is to remove and reinstall as Administrator.
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Alright cool. Got worried for a second. But now I am confused again. Cortex was running at 33% of my CPU. just before I took the picture it was at 75%. anyway I am not even running cortex. I went to razer central and it even said "cortex not running". so then why is it taking of 3/4 of my CPU processing power. It is not like I have some janky CPU either, I use a Intel i5 8th gen. So its a decent processor. Anyone else have these problems?
It is the native Windows 10 Audio management service.
It is totally legit, do not worry.
Usually you did not find this service running cause it is replaced by the specific audio driver service.

I do not know about fixing high CPU usage, but check at google to find a solution: