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Why is Synapse so broken?

  • 24 September 2022
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Synapse is, without a doubt, the most embarrassing, unfinished, buggy piece of software I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. Why is it always - ALWAYS - so buggy?

All I want is for the software to do what it tells me it's going to do. But that rarely happens. Macros don't record properly. Lighting effects don't save. Profiles don't switch. PROFILES DON'T SWITCH. This is the most incredibly annoying thing. I have a profile that I made for a game to spam quick attack (middle mouse button). and when I leave the game, it does not switch my profile back to default. So now when I middle click a web page to scroll, it just spams middle click until I manually change the profile back to default. There are so very many things wrong with all version of Synapse, and I plan to eventually write them down as I run into them. But it's getting harder and harder to recommend friends, or even continue to be interested myself, to Razer.

I would be so embarrassed to have released not 1, not 2, but THREE incomplete versions of software for all the peripherals made from this company. I am a big fan of the aesthetics and ergonomics of a lot of Razer's stuff, but I 200% loathe the fact that this incredibly sub-par software is required to configure them, and doesn't even do it right.

27 Replies

I still haven’t gotten synapse to work. I’ve all but given up, my devices all work without it, i just can’t control the lighting. Razer has high end products, and low end customer support. Whenever I call tech support all they do is tell me to download the synapse logs and email them, but I never hear anything back. What happened to tech support being f’n tech support?  


It makes it awfully to recommend products when the support is lacking so much. Please do better.

I bought my first and last Razer headset. The Black shark V2 Pro. The default audio sucks and Razer Synapse is the most frustrating inconsistent program I’ve ever used. Every application you run changes your audio settings and volume.

I’ve had the same drivers for 2 years because it’s impossible to download new drivers from the razer website. The process of plugging dongle and wire for wireless headset simply does not work. MAN WHAT DOES WORK ON THIS MESS. nothing works. Half assed and full priced product here. 

Set all apps and games to music mode? Make set a preset identical to another NOPE they all have different volumes and sound totally different wtf is this


Paid $180 wouldn’t take it for free after using