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Working Macros after logging out of Synapse

  • 16 June 2021
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I saw in a video that razer mice/razer synapse are capable of executing macros even after you log out of your razer synapse account. However when i tried myself, my macros worked only as long as i was logged into razer synapse 3 with my account. Is there a way to still have the macros of my razer profile working on my mouse even after i log out of razer synapse?
Edit: Forgot to mention i'm using the Razer Deathadder Elite and the person in the video was using a Deathadder V2.

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2 Replies

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DeathAdder Elite doesn't have internal memory for storing profiles, so if you'll log out from Synapse, the macros will not work.
DA V2 have internal memory, so all macros are stored, and you can use them without Synapse software.
Okay thanks