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WTF is wrong with right button + mouse movement!?

  • 2 January 2021
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Bought my naga about a something ago, installed synapse, mouse tracking didn't work, calibrated and it started to work perfectly with "Screen (absolute position)" option on. And then my brother bought a razer mouse for himself and his macro didn't work BUT calibration never helped. I tried my mouse on his PC and it never worked either. AND NOW IT DOESN'T WORK ON MY PC TOO. It follows the mouse directions perfectly, presses buttons etc., but when I press THE RIGHT F-ing BUTTON to move the camera in the game, it becomes crazy and goes all over the place lightspeed fast. In another game it does the same. I tried to reinstall the mouse and synapse, tried calibration with available lift options, nothing works! And, BTW, I use a razer mousepad! It only moves camera in the game if I record a macro with "Start point (mouse cursor)" option on, but then it does it wrong (wrong directions, bad tracking). WHAT TO DO WITH IT!? Not me nor my brother have a working macro now. Is there any option to fix this?

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And, btw, this is how I select a button for a macro after an update. I DON'T.