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Excellent support from Razer's FB team & Acro RMA

  • 13 October 2023
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I ranted about how Razer has no service centers in India in a Facebook post of theirs and the Razer FB team reached out to me immediately asking about my bad experience. Once I explained my situation to them, they were kind enough to support me over the next few months (as I login to Facebook VERY rarely). They told me to ship my mouse to Acro RMA in Delhi, and once I did, my defective mouse was verified, and I got a new one in my mail just a few days later. My mouse had been defective for years and I wish I had done this sooner! Anyway, I’m glad Razer reached out to me, and I was able to get a new mouse. I’m thoroughly satisfied with Razer’s support. My perception of the brand has definitely gotten better.

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