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Fantastic experience with the Facebook Messenger

  • 28 September 2023
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I had an excellent experience with the Facebook Messenger support team for the Razer page. The team member diligently attempted to troubleshoot my device, although we were ultimately unable to resolve the issue. They helped me identify that the problem likely stemmed from accidentally purchasing an Amazon "renewed" device, thinking it was from the same listing as my previous official Razer purchase.

To address my predicament, the support team member initiated a support ticket for me. Given that my non-working mouse left me unable to access support via Synapse, this was a crucial step. I am highly satisfied with the assistance I received and have high hopes that the troubleshooting support team can offer further assistance. Nevertheless, even if my non-working mouse issue remains unresolved and I must consider it a loss, I am content with the outcome of my Messenger conversation. Fortunately, I was able to find a working mouse in my "spare mice" collection, leaving me satisfied with the resolution. This experience has also taught me to be more discerning when purchasing items, as I now understand the significance of avoiding Amazon "renewed" products and always checking for that keyword in the listings.

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