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My Pleasant Experience with Razer Support

  • 10 June 2024
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Just wanted to come on here and say a few nice words about Razer support.

A few weeks ago I started having display issues with my Razer book and i'd been putting off contacting Razer support because I was lazy (idk, seemed very daunting to me).

But the whole process was surprisingly quick and efficient. They connected me to an agent quickly when I submitted a request on the website, and they were quick to answer my queries.

Communicating with support over email has also been a breeze - responses have been quick, even over the weekend.

This was my first time contacting Razer support so they really guided me through the process well, and were very transparent with me.

I purchased my Razer book directly from a few years ago and wasn't sure how repairs would work, but it really has been a quick and fuss-tree process.

Overall 10/10 experience, i'm pleasantly surprised in the best way. Thank you Razer💚



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