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Reddit support were great

  • 28 October 2023
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Was initially concerned about dealing with support. I can usually figure out issues on my own, and when I can’t, company tech support tend to suggest the very basic “try turning it off and on again” advice.


Made a Reddit thread asking other customers for help, the Reddit customer support team reached out in private almost immediately and worked with me for a few hours to fix most of the problems I had. I had one issue left that didn’t seem to be something I’d be able to fix on my end, so they recommended requesting a replacement.


I was hesitant at first since I don’t like resorting to the returns/refund/replacement processes, and asked if this was a known issue with the model I bought. They were honest and told me it was an issue they hadn’t seen before and was likely a hardware fault, which I really appreciated. Took their advice and ordered a replacement and as expected the problem was fixed.


The support team I interacted with were quick, to the point and friendly. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time or being patronized at all like I had felt with other customer support teams when dealing with tech issues. Definitely felt like I was being heard and helped!

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