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Some of the BEST customer Service EVER!

  • 18 December 2023
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I’m a 100 percent disabled United States Army Veteran. I bought a Razer Edge 5G from Verizon Wireless recently. Last week it had an issue where it was stuck in a fastboot mode. Verizon sent me a preowned used device from their warehouse as a replacement and after it updated it suffered the same results from the fastboot mode error. I called them and they said that it was Motorolas problem and that I would have to contact them. This was after 3 and a half hours on the phone. The next person at Verizon sent me another and said not to update it. It ended up updating and suffered the same results. 

I reached out to Razer Support on X, and they immediately responded to me and assisted me. This was some of the best support I have ever dealt with. The only downside I currently have, is that I still have 3 Razer Edge 5G devices that don’t work and Verizon refuses to do anything.


Razer said that they would help me out and escalate a ticket. I’m truly hoping I get this resolved. I would love to be able to get a working Razer edge 5g or something that actually works. 

I have complete trust in Razer support and whoever I chatted with on their X social media platform needs a raise.



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