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2023 Blade 16: Two Realtek sound devices and THX app not working

  • 17 February 2024
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I basically had the same issue with a Blade 17 2020, a Blade 14 2021 and now the Blade 16 2023. The THX app, which vastly improves the sound of the internal speakers, is just not working. One year later, here we go again 

Right after I do a System restore with the image from the Razer homepage, there is a “Realtek(R) Audio Codec with THX Spatial Audio” in the device manager. However, after running Windows Update for the first time, this is always gone. Now I have two Realtek cards in the device manager called "Realtek(R) Audio" and "Realtek USB2.0 Audio". Both play sound from the laptop speakers if I set them as the default playback device. The latter appears to sit a bit further back in the chassis and is quieter. I presume they are to be combined to a single device in order to create the "spatial" sound effect. Last year someone on reddit sent me a driver for the Blade 14 that immediately fixed all my issues on the Blade 14. This one does not work on the Blade 16, though.

If the "Realtek(R) Audio" is the default playback device, the THX app can be started, but changing a setting doesn't have any effect on the sound signature.

Razer support has been less then helpful and is running in circles. I opened a ticket telling them that I did a Windows update and installed the THX app from the Microsoft store. After sending a couple of mails back and forth the asl me to run Windows update and install the THX app...

Does anyone know how to fix this? It is driving me nuts with every Razer laptop I ever owned.

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i just got my first razer, the blade 16 and I am also very disappointed with the lack off bass.

Someone suggested to indeed dissable THX and use Dolby, but it does not seem to help here.